Singing-Hating Girl
Singing-Hating Girl
General Information
Voiced by Tamara Fritz
First appearance Neglect This Way
Last appearance The Brown Unicorn Project

The Singing-Hating Girl, also known as the "Blaine-Hating Girl", is a minor character in SIMGM's Glee Spoof. She is voiced by Tamara Fritz.


Season TwoEdit

Neglect This WayEdit

She makes her first appearance in the courtyard when Kurt returns to McKinley and Blaine and the Warblers begin to sing goodbye to him. She interrupts them, claiming that every time she's there, someone is singing, and that she just wants to eat her lunch in peace and quiet.

Season ThreeEdit

The Brown Unicorn ProjectEdit

After Blaine has sung Great Balls of Fire the piano blows up, and she starts to yell at Blaine, who recognizes her as the girl that stopped him from singing before.


  • Unlike most characters, she was not given a real name and her Sim does not appear to be based on anyone in particular.
  • She is one of two minor characters without a name or celebrity lookalike, but is still a memorable character, the other being the Psychiatrist (The Glee Club Gets Tested).