Sunshine Corazon
General Information
Played by Charice Simpengo
Based on Charice Pempengo
Voiced by Brianna Johns
Singing voice by N/A

Sunshine Corazon is a character from the SIMGM Glee spoofs. She is based on the Glee character with the same name. She is played by Charice Simpengo, the Sim equivalent of Charice Pempengo.


Season TwoEdit

In New York Funeral, Rachel goes to the bathroom and hears farting, thinking it's Tina, but it's actually Sunshine. Rachel assumes that Dustin Goolsby has put Vocal Adrenaline on drugs, but Sunshine says that she just wants to use the bathroom as she's nervous. Sunshine warns Rachel not to get her angry, and Rachel soon finds out that Sunshine wasn't kidding, as Sunshine kicks her and knocks her out.