Terms and Conditions
By The Boss
Sung by Naya Simera

Terms and Condtitions is a song by Naya Simera. It was posted on March 2nd, 2014.

Song AvailabilityEdit

You can listen to it here.

A remastered version of this song was released on the Glee Spoof Originals (Album), which you can buy here.


I am not living
Unless I’m in the spotlight
You have to tell me
If what I say is wrong or right
I’ve got no problem
Browning up my nose
It gets me money
I do it all because
I am your puppet
I am your tool
Do whatever you
Want me to do
You’ve got permission (to)
Collect commission
I’ll gladly sign all the
Terms and conditions
I call the paps up
Trying to stay relevant
Then I pretend that
I never wanted them there
It’s such a silly game
Just wanna get some love
You see it’s for fame
I do it all because