The Boss' Brother (born 29th December 1992), as his name suggests, is the brother of the creator of SIMGM, who is known as The Boss. His real name and identity are at present unknown.


Voice ActingEdit

The Boss' brother provides the voices for the following characters (as well as extras):

He was also the original voice of Kurt Hummel and Sue Sylvester, but they are now voiced by Michael Aguilar and Jordan Atkins respectively.


He often assists the Boss in writing the spoof episodes.


  • He voices the most male characters in the spoofs.

    The Boss' Brother's action figures in his room.

  • His real voice sounds similar to Darren Criss.
  • A Buffy fan.
  • His middle name is his dad’s late dad’s name.
  • Used to be a Miley Cyrus and a Hannah Montana fan (according to The Boss' personal tumblr).
  • His name begins with H, and the Boss said that he has an even more unusual name than her.
  • He is a fan of the Resident Evil Franchise (according to The Boss' on the SIMGM tumblr page).
  • He doesn't like releasing the next Glee spoof until the previous episode has reached at least 35,000 views, as he is worried that people have been losing interest.
  • It was Boss’ Brother who came up with the game “Spot the Lauren” in which the viewer seeks out where the Lauren Zizes Sim will pop up each Season 3 Glee Spoof episode.
  • Loves Britney Spears.
  • Came up with the name for the song Obsession of Finn.
  • The first episode of Glee he saw was Theatricality, and the second was Acafellas.
  • On many occasions, The Boss and Boss’ Brother randomly break out into character and hold conversations and/or sing….sometimes in public.
  • Boss’s Brother tends to act like a diva while reading scripts. He’ll “pretend” to bitch about not having enough lines as Finn.


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