These are some of the most notable quotations from The Brown Unicorn Project

Jacob Ben Israel: You two seem awefully close, are you dating?
Brittany: She's my b**ch.
Santana: I can confirm this

Jacob Ben Israel, Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez, The Brown Unicorn Project

Rachel: Kurt, I thought you were gonna let me to the ending of the interview?
Kurt: Bitch please, I'm Kurt Hummel!

Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel

Emma: Okay, so it has occurred to me that your obsession with Finn is still growing strong.
Rachel: Well, it's not-
Emma: Mmm mmm dear, I'm still talking.
Rachel: Yeah but-
Emma: Shut up b*tch. Now, I'm gonna say some words, and I want you to say the first thing that comes to mind.
Rachel: What is this test for?
Emma: To see how deep your obsession runs. Okay, first word: Love.
Rachel: Finn.
Emma: Purple.
Rachel: Finn.
Emma: Cloud.
Rachel: Finn.
Emma: Cinnamon toast.
Rachel: Finn.

Rachel Berry and Emma Pillsbury

Finn: Your're the best Tina, We appreciate you.
Tina: That's random.
Finn: I know, so is giving you screen time!

Finn Hudson and Tina Cohen-Chang, The Brown Unicorn Project

=I've dropped my old look faster than Kurt dropped Mercedes.

Quinn Fabray, The Brown Unicorn Project

Brittany: Unicorn.
Santana: I know Brit, I know.

Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez

I just wanted to tell you that I'll be running for Congress. Why? Because they don't know what else to do with my character.

Sue Sylvester to Will

Shelby: I was told that you didn't talk about her once last year.
Quinn: Are you kidding me? All I did last year was talk aimlessly about my baby Kara-
Shelby: Beth.
Quinn': That's what I meant.

Shelby Corcoran and Quinn Fabray, The Brown Unicorn Project