Here are some quotations from the minisode The Glee Club Gets Tested.

Mr. Schue: Ok guys. We've called this meeting today because you're all getting tested.
Puck: Way ahead of you Mr. Schue. Everything's checked out and all clean.
Mr. Schue: Not "that" kind of test, Puck...

—Will Schuester and Puck

Kurt: So... they're gonna test to see if we're crazy?
Quinn: You know I'm gonna flunk, right?
Finn: I'm not good with test...
Brittany: Do I need to get naked for this? 'Cause I totally will.

Kurt Hummel, Quinn Fabray, Finn Hudson and Brittany Pierce

Can I dance on your furniture?

Blaine Anderson, to psychiatrist

Rory: Sometimes I feel frustrated, like no one understands me.
Psychiatrist: I'm sorry, I can't understand you dear.
Rory: uhh.. I said i feel like no one understands me.
psychiatrist: Well, I can get you some pills for that rash.
Rory: What?

Rory and the Psychiatrist

Rachel: Look I have to do whatever it takes to get to the top. If that means burning bridges, Physically harming, or not getting along with people, then so be it.
Psychiatrist: Wait, did you say physically harm?
Rachel: Maybe.

Rachel Berry and the Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist: Do you hug your students a lot?
Will: All the time. My favorite hugs are the group hugs.
Psychiatrist: How friendly are you with your students?
Will: Oh, very.
Psychiatrist: I see. So you like to be touchy-feely with your students?
Will: Yes. I'm a very hands on teacher... Wait that didn't come out right.

—Psychiatrist and Will Schuester