The Spanish Heart
These are some of the most notable quotations from The Spanish Heart.

Emma: Damn. It looks like I actually have to do my job. What do you want Artie?
Artie: Well lately, I've been feeling useless. What do you think I should do?
[long pause]
Emma: I'm not qualified for this sh*t.

Emma Pillsbury and Artie Abrams

Kurt: I think my ovaries just exploded.
Puck: Kurt you don't have ovaries.
Kurt: That's because they just exploded.

Kurt Hummel and Noah Puckerman

I don't know how to wash my balls.

Finn Hudson

Mercedes: Hello and welcome to the first God Squad meeting. Praise. I'm glad to see Quinn back, she had lost her way but through prayer she is back again.
Quinn: Sure lets go with that.

Blaine: I'm back crayola monkey!
Kurt: Did you bring my gift?
Blaine: It's the gift that keeps on giving, it's a Blaine solo!
Kurt: What?
Blaine: I'm gonna sing!
Kurt: [In an evil voice] Oh Joy.
Blaine: Kurt?
Kurt: Happy Valentines Day.

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson

My girlfriend, My girlfriend. Politics and Latino. Brittany is my girlfriend. Equal Rights. If I want to kiss my girlfriend, I can. Rainbow Flag.

Santana Lopez