Tina's Quotations are some of the quotations made by Tina Cohen-Chang in season two, season three and the minisodes of SIMGM's Glee spoof.


Season TwoEdit

Tina: I'm not obsessed with Mike.
Quinn: You are with his abs.
Tina: They're so perfect... and so Asian.

—Tina and Quinn, Just Say No to Boys

Tina: You need to calm down.
Rachel: No, I don't, Tina! Oh, and by the way, I forgot you were in this show, I'm glad you have a line. Congratulations.

Rachel and Tina, Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs Finchel

Season ThreeEdit

Finn: Your're the best Tina, We appreciate you.
Tina: That's random.
Finn: I know, so is giving you screen time!

Finn Hudson and Tina Cohen-Chang, The Brown Unicorn Project

Tina: Yeah, but Mercedes is still gone. There's no way glee club is going to make it without her.
Finn: We appreciate-
Tina: Shut the f*** up.

—Tina and Finn, Pot of Asian Gold


I just want one line, just one!

—Tina, Santana's PSA

Kurt: It’s always lovely to have some nice Asian friends over for the holidays.
Tina: Merry Christmas everyo-

Kurt and Tina, the Christmas Special