Tina Cohen-Chang
General Information
Played by Jenna Ushkosim
Based on Jenna Ushkowitz
Voiced by The Boss' Sister
Singing voice by The Boss' Sister
First appearance Just Say No to Boys
Last appearance Goodbye National Props

Tina Cohen-Chang is a character from the SIMGM Glee spoofs. She is based on the Glee character with the same name. She is played by Jenna Ushkosim, the Sim equivalent of Jenna Ushkowitz


Tina hardly has any lines in any episodes, due to her very few lines and screen time in Glee itself. This is constantly pointed out in the spoofs, either by Tina herself or another character. At one point (in Quinn's Summer), there is a bleep followed by silence on Quinn 's answering machine, and Quinn assumes it was Tina leaving a message.

Season TwoEdit

In her first appearance in Just Say No to Boys, during a G.W.S.L.R.A.T.B meeting, Tina convinces Quinn to come up with a shorter club name, and when she refuses, she reminds her of her '4 lines per episode maximum' rule. She claims she isn't obsessed with Mike, but she is obsessed with his abs.

In Lazy Directions, her and the glee girls argue that Will doesn't listen to any of their ideas, but he ignores them. she is briefly seen on a date with Mike at an asian restaurant. She is later seen at glee club rehersals

Tina asking for a line in Santana's PSA

at the end of the episode.

In Fuinn vs Fabrevans vs Finchel, she is seen in the choir room laughing at Rachel's clothes, and when she has an outburst, she tells her that she needs to calm down. Rachel tells Tina she forgot she was even on the show.

Season ThreeEdit


She appears in Santana's PSA asking for a line, however she tells her she can't and to get out of her shot. While Santana is having a quick bathroom break, she begs for just one line in her PSA, yet she still never gets one.

She briefly appears with Mike as 'The Forgotten Asians' on Fondue For Two, however Brittany has nothing to ask them. When she asks her why, she says she forgets she's in the glee club at times.

Tina does not appear in Quinn's Summer, however she does leave Quinn a voicemail message. There is a bleep followed by silence on Quinn's answering machine, and she assumes it was Tina leaving a message. This is because she rarely talks during scenes, and is often forgotten about.


Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season 2



Solos with

Wannabe Neglect This Way New Directions Girls
Tonight Tonight New York Funeral Santana, Sam, Puck, Kurt, Brittany, Artie, Finn, Quinn and Rachel

Season 3



Solos with

Faith Pot of Asian Gold Finn, Rachel, Puck, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, Quinn and Artie
Cell Block Tango Mash Time Sugar, Santana, Quinn, Mercedes and Brittany
Brighter than the Sun/Good Life Hold On to A Girl Kurt, Quinn, Blaine, Mike, Artie and Finn
No Scrubs On My Big Brother Brittany, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana and Sugar

Quotes Edit

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  • In the minisode, Santana's PSA, she wasted her one line by saying, "I just want one line." This is a reference to her argument with Quinn in Just Say No to Boys.
  • Hardly ever speaks or sings.
  • Calls herself a "silent asian".
  • Everyone constantly forget she exist.
  • Finn appreciates her.
  • Finchel is her OTP
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