Since The boss has updated the look of the simgm tumblr , i thought me might change it up a bit too (The changes made so far are fantastic though i love the purple). I have Two ideas which i wanted run through with ya'll other admins so it doesn't seem like i'm taking over as dictator LOL ( i just love this wiki and simgm and want to reflect it).

Idea One: I wanted to update the cast group picture on the main page for a couple reasons. One so They can have more matchy backgrounds with the new theme, and two bacause the boss had modifyed the sims a lot through the years so some of the sims look totally different (I.E. Quinn and Kurt (that picture of him is from one of the first eps)). Also poor rory isnt included but sugar is hahaha. 

Idea two: If you look at the Glee wiki you see they have cute little banners with the characters on them, and I thought it might be cool to do one here with the gle simmies :). I found out how to make the banners too. 

What do think guys? 

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