Vanessa Simgies
General Information
Gender female
Age 27
Born July 21, 1985

Vanessa Simgies is the sim version of Vanessa Lengies. She plays the role of Sugar Motta in the SIMGM Glee Spoofs, and she is voiced by Brianna Johns.


  • Her Twitter username is littlesimgies
  • Believes in the "Sugar from the Future" theory (as does Vanessa Lengies)
  • Calls Naya Simera and Heather Morsim her "Momsies"
  • Is a big fan of True Simblood (the Sim universe's equivalent to True Blood)
  • She is the "kitty godmother" of Chris Colfsim's cat, Brian.
  • Dressed as Catwoman for Halloween in 2013.