William "Will" Moring is a SIMGM cast member. He is the current voice of Sam Evans, having taken over the role from The Boss. He also controls Chord Oversim's Twitter account.


Will auditioned for the role of Sam for the fifth episode of the Season 2 spoofs . He tried out on a whim and received the role over fifteen applicants. During the time when Sam was not in the third season, Will voiced other characters: Mike Chang Sr and Jacob Ben Israel after The Boss suggested him to do so and liked his interpretation of them.

Will prepared for the roles by watching videos of the original actors talking and tried to mimic their speech patterns. After that, he tried to work on his breathing so it would be fluid in the sound recordings rather than choppy.


Voice ActingEdit

Will provides the voices for the following characters:


  • As Sam was initially not in the third season of Glee, Will was given several other roles in the Season 3 spoofs.
  • He tried out for the role of Sam on a whim, and was surprised that he received it.
  • Will, along with Michael Aguilar, are the two cast members that have been with Simgm for the longest.
  • He thinks Sam Evans is hot.
  • Will recorded an audio post about his role in the spoofs as well as information about himself, which can be found here .
  • Will enjoyed voicing Jacob, describing him as "a quirky character who is pretty witty and sassy", saying it was fun to be able to kick off the third season premiere.


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