These are some of the quotations from Yes Elvis/No Michael.

Mercedes: So, how you've been? It's been a while since we've talked.
Quinn: Oh, you know me and my big plans.
Mercedes: How's the situation with Beth?
Quinn: Who?
Mercedes: We need to find you some help girl

Mercedes and Quinn

Mercedes: Oh, this must be when we all act like friends and you guys are actually interested in my life?
Sugar: Only when it's about a man

Mercedes and Sugar

Sugar: But you two were madly in love though, right?
Tina: You guys were special.
Santana: ♫ Tell me more, tell me more ♫
tell me, tell....uuh...

Sugar, Tina and Santana

Well, all the psycho bitches need to settle down at some point. We can't survive without a man fixing us.


Will: Guys, I'm going to propose to Emma
Quinn: Allow me to show you my excitement.
[Poker face]

Will and Quinn

Kurt: [About Elvis] He had the BEST sideburns!
Blaine: I'm gonna let that one slide

Kurt and Blaine

It always freaks me out when he decides to actually teach.


Will: I want you to be my best man.
Finn: Uhm.. don't you have a friend your age for that?
Will: No.

Will and Finn

Rachel: Okay girls, for our song I was thinking we step out of the roam of Elvis and pick a more suiting song.
Tina: Isn't that going against what Mr. Schue told us to do? I think since this is a big moment for Miss Pillsbury...
Rachel: [Turns Tina's volume down] That's better

Rachel and Tina

Damn, those are some big ass lips

Mercedes, about Sam

Baby Santana: Hi, I'm Santana!
Baby Brittany: My cat will eat you alive.

Santana and Brittany

Finn: Plus, Rachel is just announcing her love for me so everyone can hear it.
Brittany: You would know all about announcing things, wouldn't you?

Finn and Brittany

Tina: I have a song
Will: Fine, let’s hear it.. I guess
Tina: [Wants to start singing]
[Fire alarm]
Will: Ok, that’s the fire alarm guys, you know the drill, evacuate.
Tina: Are you f**king kidding me

Will and Tina

Rachel: What are we doing here alone, are.. are you breaking up with me?
Finn: No, I only do that it cars.

Rachel and Finn

Finn: Will you marry me?
Rachel: No. Drive me home? I didn't bring my car and my daddy's don't exist yet."

Finn and Rachel

You are in dire need of an English lesson

Sebastian to Santana

Santana: okay, I'm about to kick..
Sebastian: My dad's an attorney
Santana: ...myself for ordering this expensive-ass mocca.

Santana and Sebastian

No, not his hair!

Blaine, before Kurt gets slushied

[when he gets slushie in his eyes]
Augh, it burns!
Do my eyebrows look okay?


Rachel: Quinn, I need to talk to you about something important.
Quinn: That building was already on fire when I got there.
Rachel: What?
Quinn: What?

Quinn and Rachel

Rachel: Look I have something important to tell you and you're the only one I feel I can talk to.
Quinn: Well, you know our code. What happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom.

Quinn and Rachel

Quinn: By the way, I got into Yale
Rachel: How?

Quinn and Rachel

Quinn: Don't give me that bullsh*t. Look, I'm actually sane right now. Do you know how rare that is?
Rachel: Very.
Quinn: So take my advice, and cut the cord.