Your Salad
Sung by Lea Michsim
Your Salad is the sixth track off of Lea Michsim's album Quiet Down. Also Lea's favorite song from the album.


It was just the other day
That I called your name
And you replied with meaningful “um”
I knew from that moment
I wanted to be the one
To give the treat that makes you go “yum”

I had dropped my fork
I looked like a dork
I’m needing you to functionally work

And I can’t make it on my own
I need your hand to pour the dressing on
There should never be a doubt about it
I can’t live without your salad

There is something about
That lettuce near your mouth
It’s like you haven’t eaten in days
Let me fill that hole
And by hole I mean stomach
Let me put a smile on that face

Get the mixing bowl
Stir it up some more
You’re the meal that’s worth fighting for